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China Forestry Group Corporation

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China Forestry Group Corporation is a big integrated forestry corporation consisting of silviculture, afforestation, forest product processing and trading, and is the only corporation that is administrated by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in forest industry. It administrates 6 domestic wholly owned subsidiaries including China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation, China National Forest Products Industry Corporation, China National Forestry Materials Corporation, China National Forest Products Trading Corporation, China National Tree Seed Corporation and China International Forest Travel Service, and 2 overseas sole and holding corporations — CIFEC Compensados Da Amazonia Ltda (Brazil) and Societe anonyme Hua-Jia Del' Industries Des Bois(Gabon), and establishes production bases or marketing network in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and foreign countries like Brazil, Gabon and Russia.

The Group Corporation mainly engages in fast-growing forest breeding, overseas forest resource development, product marketing, import and export of timber, bamboo and their products, wood-based panel, furniture, wood chips, forest chemical products, tree seeds and seedlings and flower, forest travel, trading of forest food, medicines and related products. The Group Corporation’s business range covers the complete development and utilization process of forest industry, and has quite strong strength and advantage in many production and business fields. For many years, the Group Corporation maintains to base on forestry and rely on forest area, develops multilevel and multiway cooperation with forest area; opens to the society, and operates business in various angles and integrated way; steps into the world, actively takes part in international economic cooperation and market competition. China Forestry Group Corporation follows national forest industry policy, integrates the development of corporation into the development of the whole industry, and promotes the development of national forest industry by the improvement of the Group Corporation’s economic strength.


China Forestry Group Corporation

2015-2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Industry: Agriculture
Date: 2018.1.2
China Forestry Group Corporation

2013-2014 Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Industry: Agriculture
Date: 2015.6.15
China Forestry Group Corporation

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility

Industry: Agriculture
Date: 2012.9.28

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